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30 DAYS OF PRAYER: Moving Mountains 🏔 (Morn/Evening prayers)

🤲🏾 Day 12! Well Well Well.. here we are again blessed with ANOTHER chance to pray for our brethen and we are hopeful that The Most High will move in haste on our behalf! We know what they say about hope🙌🏾... we stand each day at least twice a day 1st grateful, then hopeful, and thankful for the victory in the end! Jeremiah 29:11.. so let’s get right to in sis.. as we bring it all before HIM..

🌅 Morning Prayer:

Heavenly Father we come before you in reverence and humility. We are grateful to be able to come before you Father. Your word says that you have chosen our nation above all nations and us out of all those you could have chosen to awaken and cleanse. We are humbled by your choosing, by you finding us worthy when the world counted us out. Your word says that before our birth you knew us, you gave us this destiny, you called us from out of the darkness and into Your marvelous light, then you gave us the ability through your love to be righteous and the perfect mirror image of you, all so you could show this world how much Your love can do. How great You are. You are worthy of all the glory Father for you love and provide, and protect us. We fall on our faces before you in repentance. Forgive us for anything we have done that was displeasing in Your sight. Fortify us with your strength and give us the guidance and the ability to do Your will. We ask for forgiveness on behalf of Israel and even our ancestors. We have learned that with out You nothing is possible but with You there is nothing beyond our reach. We long to please You Father. We come to you in assurance of Your power and acknowledge that through obedience to You we are given power to move mountains, to cast out demons, to heal the sick. We take full authority over this current situation before us. Father with You for us who could be against us. No power can rise against You and no power can rise against us as we stand protected under Your wings. We stand against the powers of darkness right now. The enemy is attacking our brothers, our husbands, our leaders. We take full authority over the principalities, powers and rulers of darkness. We take up the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit to counter every attack waged against our fallen soldiers and our weakened warriors. Your word says that the Shepard will not leave one of his flock behind. So we ask that the lost and led astray be collected and brought back to the fold. Return them to the bodies they have been severed from and let them take their rightful positions in Your image Father. We take up for them the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, and the girdle of truth, in assurance that they will only find comfort in the truth, they will only have ease of spirit in righteousness, and that their minds can only be girded in obedience that brings then to salvation. We cover their feet in the sandals of peace, knowing that they will only obtain peace in Your will and walking in Your path. We ask that they be covered and filled with an overflow of the Holy spirit Father. Let Your spirit fall on them like a heavy rain. Let them find no covering against it. Let it penetrate their flesh and reach the innermost hidden places. Let it purge them of every hidden seed of darkness that exalts itself against You their Father and Your will. Let the taste, sound, smell, thought of sin be a terrible grief to their spirit. Let it be a sour taste in their mouth, a tainted sound to their ear, a putrid smell. Let the very touch of sin and darkness repulse them. Provide them with a way out of the pit they have fallen into. And for those on the verge of falling provide them with a way of escape. We command the angels to take charge over them. That they protect them, that the warring angels fight on their behalf, and the guardians intercede and minister to them. Send righteous connections to fill every void left by the unrighteous relationships we have rebuked and commanded to be removed. Fill every void of darkness with Your immeasurable light. We also take full authority over any backlash on the sisters that stand and agree before you in these prayers Father. We pray full protection around ourselves and our families. We pray that we be surrounded by Your healing and guidance Father. That we be kept in the spirit and not drawn into the flesh where we are weak. We pray that you keep our minds in Your perception closing our physical eyes to the world and allowing us to see the manifestations of the spirit. We pray that the Holy spirit lead, guide, and direct us into all truth, wisdom, and knowledge. That we understand what we are meant to and we trust You when we don't. That we expect,like You our Father, expect that the end of this is ordained and that all things are meant for the good of us, Your children whom You love and who love You. We adore You Father. We lift up every sister in need right now, which I'm sure is all of us in one way or another, and assuredly too many to name. But You know every name and You know our needs Father and we claim that they are met according to Your riches and glory. We claim death to the season of lack in each of our lives for You are not a POWER of lack but the Father and giver of abundance. We rebuke brokenness because You are the Father of completion and healing and life. We claim these things that are made available to us through our heritage in You. For You are a wonderful Father and will withhold no good thing from us. Every need is met and every desire has already been fulfilled because our desires are your desires Father . We pray for the restoration of marriages Father because we know You hate divorce and that brokenness is not in Your plan. We claim the healing of every broken body, every broken union, every broken family, most of all the brokenness of Israel. We claim the healing of this body, Your church. The wife of the Messiah. Let her be cleansed and made new in You. Cleanse us of all unrighteousness and make us whole again and pleasing in Your sight for Your glory. Set us upon the rock so that we may proclaim Your praises before all the nations and all the earth. We forever worship You and give You praise. We thank You in advance for the needs and desires You are granting, have granted, and will be granting. And for the Mountains you have given us the authority to tear down in Your power and might that nothing stands in our way. Thank You Abba. It is done. We claim it. So be it.

🌄 Evening Prayer:

Heavenly Father we come to You in reverence.  We bow before Your throne. We ask for forgiveness for anything we may have done that displeased You.  We ask forgiveness on behalf of our ancestors and our heads.  Have mercy on us. We thank you for bringing us to and through another day.  We thank you for your guidance.  We ask for peace in the midst of the storms Father.  Give us assurance in our times of doubt.  We thank You for these storms that are created to increase our faith in You Father.  Build us up when the storms are beating us down.  Bless us with Your supernatural strength when we get weary.  Your word says we will walk and not be weary,  we shall runs nd not faint.  If we wait on you Father.  We are waiting on you to renew our strength. To keep us standing in the face of adversity.  We are waiting on you to show yourself mighty on our behalf Father.  We stand in expectancy because we know these battles are beyond us.  And that nothing is in our control.  But you alone control all things.  We know that for us alone these battles are impossible to overcome.  But with you all things are possible.  We thank you Father for choosing us to execute Your will.  Thank You for the opportunity to be used by You.  Thank you for your spirit of truth that leads us into all wisdom knowledge and understanding.  And when we lack understanding Father remind us to not lean u to our own but in all of our ways to continue to acknowledge You and You will direct our paths.  Continue to lead us in the path of righteousness for Your name's sake.  That Your glory be proclaimed in all the earth.  That Your goodness be known throughout every land Father.  Just let us be the vessels Father.  We thank you for the virtues that are growing in us. Thank you for the patience,  and temperance,  joy,  and long suffering,  peace,  and goodness,  meekness,  and kindness and most of all love.  We are honored to be examples of virtuous women in all the earth.  That through our behavior we will set the standard.  No longer will wickedness be the norm but righteousness and modesty.  That we will teach our daughters the virtues of our mother wisdom.  We thank you that we are paving the way for the future generations to not have to suffer our walk.  They will grow up in obedience,  learning to walk in Your statues,  laws , and commandments.  They will love the law. They will not have to be purged.  Let us continue to strive to be righteous examples to all who are watching us and attempting to learn through us. Allow us to be our sisters keepers.  To love them righteously and offer our assistance to each other where needed.  Allow us to support each other in our growth and constantly work towards the betterment of ourselves and the kingdom.  Help us everyday to be better mothers,  wives,  and sisters and allow  others to be the same for us in return.  Remind us constantly of the grace and mercy we have received and keep us walking and giving the same.  Guide us in our discernment and help us to honor You in our every endeavor.  Let us glorify You is every word that proceeds from our mouths and every action that is performed with out bodies.  Let us conduct ourselves as the apple of Your eye and never bring You to shame.  We long to please You Father.  Thank You for allowing us a new opportunity to do so everyday.  Let our today be better than our yesterday and our tomorrow be even better still.  Until we be perfected and finally the manifestation of Your image in the flesh.  We thank You for all you have done,  all you are doj g and all that is to come.  We thank You in advance for the manifestation of our every need and desire being met and granted.  We wait on You with expectancy.  We claim the victory for it is already done.  So be it.


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