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30 DAYS OF PRAYER: Moving Mountains 🏔 (Morn/Evening prayers)

🙌🏾 Day 11! Almost half way through 💕... Somethings are being rooted up already.. the enemy hates that!! Let’s keep going collectively saying this prayers daily!! Remember to forgive so that we can be forgiven.. Remember Love covers a multitude of sins.. Remember. HE is...

🌅 Morning Prayer:

Heavenly Father we come to You in humility and Thanksgiving. We ask that you forgive us of all our unrighteousness. Have grace and mercy upon us Father. We ask that you have grace and mercy upon Israel. We come to you asking for your intervention. We ask that you would move on our behalf. Father your word says vengeance is Yours alone so we ask that You avenge us against the enemy Father. We are under attack and the enemy is trying to take what You have given us. The enemy seeks to take our lives and the lives of the men You have chosen to protect and love us. He is hunting your chosen children. Father we need your protection and they need Your guidance. Your word says that You will never allow us to be tempted more than we can bear. But they have fallen weak to their temptations Father and more of them succumb to the enemies plots daily. We lift our eyes up to You from whence cometh our help Father. You alone are able to save us from despair and destitute. Raise up Your warriors Father, Your righteous namesakes. The bodies are suffering without the heads. The children are lacking direction from their fathers and righteous examples of strength. We need them to rise up and step into the positions you have predestined them for. We pray the calling you have placed on them be too loud to ignore. We pray that the righteousness you have justified in them be activated so they may be magnified in You. That the Holy spirit quicken a fire within their spirits. That they thirst and hunger for You more than they thirst to please their flesh. That the longing to please You out weigh anything else in their lives. Because if they long to please you they will do all you have assigned for them to do. We pray that they long to obey you Father. That they hide their face in shame from sin and not from You. We pray that the boldness of the authority of Your spirit rise up within them . That the attributes and characteristics that are Yours awaken in them. That they walking their nobility , humility, integrity, obedience even unto death, servitude, and most of all righteous leadership. Your word also says that whatsoever is bound on earth is bound in heaven therefore we bind the attack of the enemy, every deception of the mind, every generational curse, every fear, every doubt, every shame, every weakness, for in You Father they are made new. And in You there is no lack Father. We call an end to the season of lack Father. We call this the season of completion , the season of healing, the season of newness, the season of truth. That all these things will abide. That light will prevail, that darkness will cower before your power Father. We call the things which be not as though they were because we walk by faith and not by sight. We confess that we are more than conquerors. That no weapon formed against us has prospered. That healing and restoration is ours. We confess that the men of Israel are righteous kings, a royal priesthood. We rebuke everything that would come against the knowledge of You, every evil work and every evil spirit that seeks to interfere with Your will Father With your Providence and what you have preordained. Your work will be accomplished in them just as it is being accomplished in us. We cover these men with the armor you have provided us. We take and put on for them the sandals of peace and we claim that peace is theirs in Your will Father. That these sandals direct their path toward the peace that they will find only in You, no where else. We put on for them the girdle of truth and we confess that they will only be able to hear truth, to speak truth, and to perform truth. Let deception be a putrid taste in their mouths. Let it be a foul sound in their ears. Let it be an excruciating feeling to perform against Your truth. We take up and put on them the breastplate of righteousness and we claim that righteousness be in their every step and every thought. That they will see it before their eyes day and night and think on it day and night and even in their sleep. They will not be able to ignore the righteous call on their hearts, mind, and spirits. We take up and put on them the helmet of salvation. We confess that this helmet not be removed. That it stay in their mind to obey You. We confess that any objection to obeying you cause then immeasurable discomfort. That will submit their will to You. We take up the shield of faith while the are weak and quench every fiery dart the enemy attempts to throw against them and us. We use the sword of the spirit to cut every thing that would attempt to magnify itself against Your holy word. We stand in assurance that these things be accomplished hastily Father as the tine is growing short. Because the enemy is trying to destroy.. we send a special prayer for every sister praying right now that has come under attack. We loose the power of the Holy spirit to go forth and make light their way. To bring healing and restoration but most of all peace and patience as You perform your wondrous works before us and through us. We thank you Father in advance. For You alone are worthy. We believe that we receive all we agreed on and say it is done. So be it.

🌄 Evening Prayer

Father we come before You thanking You for another day.   Forgive us Father for any unrighteousness we have thought,  believed,  spoken,  or acted on that is against Your will and has displeased you knowingly or unknowingly. We ask for forgiveness in behalf of our forefathers.  We ask for forgiveness on behalf of not yet awakened Israel.  We ask for forgiveness in behalf of our other halves,  our heads,  the righteous leaders if this nation.  Have mercy on us all Father.  We long to fulfill our destiny in your will Father.  Your word says that before our births you knew us. You chose us to fulfill the destiny of producing fruit. You created us with this destiny in mind,  gave us the ability to complete the mission,  and have personally directed us and molded us into those that will be able to be successful at the tasks place before us.  We are eager to serve You Father.  But sometimes we fail to see that in serving You we have to stop serving ourselves.  We have to stop wanting our own way.  We get in our own way, and even Your way Father. Forgive us.  Because we are so grateful.  When we take the time to consider what being chosen by you means Father we are overwhelmed,never wanting to disappoint You.  We have been made with this specific purpose in mind.  For this specific moment.  For this specific testing period.  There is NOTHING that is happening outside of Your will.   You are in complete control.  We submit ourselves willingly to You.  Have Your way in our lives Father.  We thank you for the storms Father.  Thank you for the toughening.  Thank you for the lessons Father.  Thank you for taking the time to carefully plan and orchestrate each moment of our lives, providing each and every need,  protecting us from each hidden disaster, proving us with each difficult test.  We thank You for each and every opportunity to get in line with Your will. For each moment of grace and mercy that You have for us every time we let You down.  Thank You Father for this chance to be used by You.  We thank You Father for the opportunity to serve in Your kingdom.  We thank You for choosing us as vessels for Your work.  Thank You Father for emptying us of every impurity.  For cleansing us of all unrighteousness.  For trying us and purifying us as pure gold. For turning us from filth and wickedness into Your golden vessels.   A golden vessel to be cleansed inside and out. A golden vessel to be presented before You without blemish.A golden vessel created by You and filled by you with life  and the light of truth.  To be used by You as a vessel to carry Your word which is life to others Father.  We thank You for this opportunity.  We know You could have chosen ANYBODY... but You chose us.  Thank You for seeing in us what we could not see in ourselves.  For seeing in us what others could not see.  For placing in us a light that will shine so brightly that You will use it to draw all men unto You.  A light that will shine so brightly others will fall before You and praise Your holy name.  Thank You Father for Your truth.  Thank You for the peace that passes all understanding. Thank You for the Holy Spirit which leads, guides, and directs us.  Thank You for the fellowship that confirms the words of the Holy Spirit.  Thank You for these bonds that You are forging.  For fitting us together as one body moving in perfect unison,  on one accord.  We only say thank You Father because everything has already been asked for and every need has already been met.  Every task has been accomplished in the spirit and is Now manifesting in the flesh.  We call those things which be not as though they were because we expect for them to be so.  Your word says it and we know You are not a man that You would lie and that You stand by Your word and hasten to perform it.  We give you all the glory and all the praise.  So be it.  

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