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30 Days of Prayer: Moving Mountains 🏔 (Morn/Evening prayers)

Day 23! Healing is such a remarkable feeling... because it shows growth. I thought back to a time when I fell and scratched my knee.. I kept pulling the bandaid off, then the scab.. my Mom couldn’t put medicine on it cuz I would cut up😂😫‼️... But she said MiMi, it won’t ever heal if u remove the protection from it. The bandaid covers the bruise.. so it can heal enuff to get a scab.. then the scab protects it from there..i looked at her like 🤕... But i trusted what she said and it did heal when i stopped picking at it.. Didn't make sense until I was an adult adult😔.. Don’t rush your healing! It’s all in HIS timing. HIS process! Soon, that scab will fall off and new skin starts to form... #Mesaage Ok let’s kick off our last 7 days👇🏾

🌅 Morning Prayer:

🙌🏾 Father we come before Your throne of grace boldly as Your children . Thanking You and praising You for all You have blessed us with up to this point. We thank You for every Mountain that has moved, for every spirit that has shifted, grown, or changed its direction towards You. You alone are worthy Father. You are mighty beyond all might, and righteous and good beyond all we consider good in this earth. None can surpass You. We long to live up to Your standard. We long to please You and do what You have set before us to do. Father we ask that You help us to not be weary when we face the many trials , temptations, and troubles of life in this wicked world. Grow in us great courage through the Holy Spirit that You have sent to comfort us and to prepare us for Your kingdom. Conquer every seed of fear that would rise up in us against Your authority. Father we thank You and praise You for using us to bring You joy. In the midst of all the plagues, pressures, and problems we face while in our fleshly bodies, please continue growing us and grooming us into pleasing servants who are always walking in faith of You and obedience to You. Let the Holy Spirit lead us to rest in Your wondrous promises revealed to us through Your Word. Remind us to stand on Your promises for i them lies our provision, protection, providence, and ultimately our victory. We need You Father we admit that we are weak. Without the strength that You promise us in our weakness we cannot continue, we cannot endure. We do not deserve your grace Father for we have always been a disobedient and stiff-necked nation. We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for the patience, grace, and mercy You have provided us undeservingly again and again. Father we now willingly submit to You and long for the day when we hear you say "W€œ ell done good and faithful servant, enter into the kingdom of Your Father." Help us as we continue to grow our faith towards the day that it exceeds much more than a mustard seed but is the very sight we see all things by. We praise you Father for your infinite wisdom. We know nothing, we are nothing in comparison to You, and we are so grateful to be chosen, be used, to serve the Most High Power of Israel the one and only Power who knows all things, and has created all things. There is nothing about us that we can hide. There is nothing about us that you didn't know before You chose us. And we stand before You bare. Withholding nothing Father. Empty us of all unrighteousness, every unclean thought, every deceitful way, every unrighteous chain. We confess that our hearts have been broken then hardened by our sinful desires, and many times we have tried to hide our uncleanness from you. Our hearts are broken and we cannot save ourselves. Please forgive us for the way our brokenness has caused us to treat others, to treat our own brothers and sisters, our heads and our elders. Thank You for Your correction Father. Fill us with all that You are Father. We thank you for knowing us before our beginnings and our own hearts better than we do. We thank you for choosing us and justifying us for salvation and righteousness in You. We thank you for replacing our hardened and shattered hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit. Please guard our hearts from further damage, and help us to not be discouraged when we feel the emotions and hear the lies of the enemy formed specifically to lead us into doubt. Renew our minds daily and give us assurance through Your promises, Your love, and Your Holy spirit which You sent to us as a Comforter. Father, we confess that we are finished dying for ourselves because outside of You we are not living. We thank you for the opportunity You have provided us through our submission to You that gives us escape from the misery of a self-centered death camouflaged as life in this world. No matter what we now face we know You are with us. Constantly guard our hearts and minds from ever doubting Your unshakable love for us. Help us to always think on the fact that You have made us for Yourself and that we are the apple of Your eye. Lead us to live our lives for You displaying Your will and righteousness wherever we go, and never be ashamed for You are the only thing worth dying for, worth being persecuted for, worth being crucified for. Because You are life and life more abundantly is found only in You. Father we praise you for making us new creatures, that the old man has died and through You every thing in us has become new! We are thankful that You know and judge us rightly by our hearts and our inner most thoughts. Keep us from allowing our past shallow, and worldly judgments of others become barriers in our execution of Your work. Please help us to see others through Your eyes, and in the spirit so we can express the same mercy and grace You have given us. We pray that we continue to grow in our boldness to always be planting seed and be about our Fathers business. Father we thank You for not forgetting our covenant and for reconciling us back to You as You promised. We thank You for ordaining these men, our brothers to be ambassadors to this broken world. We thank You for this time of proving and chastening as You continue to equip them while You use us in your redemptive mission, and as you graciously bring order back to Your nation. Sanctify them for your glory. Cause them to confess, repent of, and remember the trespasses that they have committed against you. Wrap us all in humility as we seek reconciliation throughout our nation. Protect us all with Your warring angels. Cover and fill them with the Holy Spirit and allow them to be purged of the spirit of pride, deception, and all wickedness, causing them to desire to serve You first, then their families, and their church. Though they may feel they don't deserve your forgiveness, we praise you for the unfathomable love and grace that You offer them time and time again. Though they have wronged you, betrayed you, and hated you in so many ways, we thank You that You will free them from the shackles of sin in their lives. Open their eyes to the wickedness that taints their lives and cause them to hate their sins like You do. Let the taste that once was sweet, be bitter in their mouths and cause a sickness in their stomach, and uneasiness in their spirits at the thought of it. Flood them with the light of the Holy Spirit exposing every dark places of their hearts to Your healing light. We know You are working towards their perfection just as You are working us towards ours. We thank You in advance for it because we have assurance of the completion of this work. This is Your will Father. That You be glorified throughout the earth by Your chosen children, Your set apart nation, Your royal priesthood. No other can accomplish it but us by Your hand. It is written so shall it be done. We claim it in Your power though Your promises. So be it.

🌄 Evening Prayer:

🙌🏾 Heavenly Father thank You for another day. We come before You throne of grace boldly that we may receive grace and mercy in our time of need. Forgive us of all unrighteousness.  We fall on our faces before You asking forgiveness for every thought,  word,  and deed that was not brought into submission of You.  Forgive us for our weaknesses and forgive our heads and our ancestors for going astray.  We thank You for the opportunity to enter Your presence.  We thank You for even considering and hearing our prayers.  We are grateful that we have been chosen by You for Your wonderful work.  Help us to keep focus on our goals and not be sidetracked. We thank You for keeping us safe throughout our days and watching over us as we sleep.  Father we thank You for the work you are doing in us. We thank You for the trying,  the purifying , the cleansing of all unrighteousness.  We know You are our refuge and our fortress and helper. We have no fear of any weapon or man that would come against us, for with You on our side whom shall we fear.  Father we ask that You send warring angels to fight on our behalf.  To fight on behalf of the brothers and sisters that have gone astray and are under attack. Your word says that You are our provider and protector and that You war against the enemy on our behalf,  so we ask because we know You keep Your promises. We ask that You defend them from the clutches of the enemy.  That You lovingly bring them back to You and chastise them for their shortcomings. We ask that You not do away with them and leave them to the devices of the adversary although they have turned against Your word in disobedience.  We ask this because we know you love them.  They are Your chosen sons and daughters Father and we know that whom You love You chastise.  This is the characteristic of a loving Father and You are beyond loving and patient with us. They need Your correction Father.  I know deep down they long to serve You because You have planted the desire to produce Your fruit in them since before their beginning. We ask that you call forth the seeds which were first planted to rise up against all the enemy has planted in them to cause them to rebel and turn against what is righteous and true and all that rightfully belongs to them as Your children.  We thank You that You are healing that which is broken and straightening the paths that have been made crooked. We thank You that You are the way maker and the Potter. We know that You are in control of all things and that this trial is a part of Your plan.  We know that Your word says that all things are for the good of those who love You and we love You Father.  We obey Your words.  We walk after Your path. This is the reason we come before You with our requests Father.  Your word says that we should be long suffering in love and intercede on behalf of a fallen brother. So we cannot leave them behind. We stand in assurance of You Father and have faith that You are performing the impossible on our behalf for Your own glory.  We rebuke every attempt,  every plot,  every interference of the enemy.  We bind every demon,  every stronghold, every deception that he may use against us. We thank You that Your word assures us that You have chosen us and we cannot be plucked from Your hand.  We rest in the assurance that You hold in Your hand the good and the evil and that all bow before You.  We know You have an expected end and that which You expect WILL be done.  We let go of all fear and anxiety regarding the mending of our spirits, our hearts, our unions and our nation. We stand in prayer, with all faith and confidence in Your ability to perform it.  We know You have chosen us to endure and we submit to Your will. We will continue to endure Father. Pour out Your spirit on us and bless us with immeasurable strength and favor. We thank You that our every need and desire is met.  We have no lack for You, our Father, do not operate in lack and brokenness.  We thank You for the Holy spirit which leads,  guides, directs us, and is with us always blessing us with wisdom and knowledge.  Allow us to stay focused on You and the perfection of our spirit.  While we intercede for them we ask that you release your fire upon us all.  Allow us to be on fire for You because Your word says that we must either be in or out,  hot or cold,  and if we are lukewarm or double minded we shall receive nothing from You and we will be spit out.  So we ask that You stoke our fire and rekindle a raging blaze in Your children that have or are going out.  Quicken our spirits Father.  Let the calling that You have on them be louder than they can ignore.  Trouble their spirits and allow for them to have no peace or comfort in their sin. Let them thirst for you like a dear thirsts for water.  Let their hunger for truth and righteousness be unquenchable.  Let them be irritated by what once brought them escape from their pain.  Make them face their fears Father and show them that You are sovereign over all.  Heal their brokenness and expose their flaws and iniquities Father.  Tear away the tainted scabs that cover their wounds and allow real healing to take place in them.  Let them hide no more. Still their feet from running from their calling and their given positions.  Rise up your warriors Father,  Your nation of sons who are men after Your own heart,  Your nation of virtuous women who are prayer warriors and the sisters,  wives,  and mothers You created them to be.  Let Your might be shown in them and magnified in all the earth.  Place us on solid ground that we may worship You with one voice on one accord for all the nations to witness and tremble at the sight.  We claim this IS happening.  The mountains of rebellion,  and fear,  deceit,  and adversity are crumbling at this very moment for No Thing, No one, No evil shall befall us neither shall any plague come nigh our dwelling and NONE can resist the command of You or us who move in Your power and authority.  We call these things which have not yet manifested in the flesh to become as solid in this world as they are already manifested in the spirit world and Your word says what is losses in this earth is loosed in Heaven.  Let Your nation reign Father. Let Your will be sovereign.  Let Your kingdom come.  Let Your will be done on earth as it already is in heaven.  So be it. 

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Let your will be done FATHER let your will be done🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾


Sep 29, 2020

AND IT IS SO🙏🏿🙏🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿❤️



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