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30 DAYS OF PRAYER: Moving Mountains 🏔 (morn/evening prayers)

❤️ Here we are at Day 19! There is NO power greater than our POWER! Let no man deceive you into thinking otherwise‼️ With all reverence and Esteem to THE MOST HIGH..❤️ I don’t want to ask for anything.. but to give thanks to our FATHER 💕 HE is so worthy of all praises.. I am grateful for all the mountains being shaken and soon uprooted..let’s keep it going 👇🏾👇🏾

🌅 Morning Prayer

🙌🏾 Abba we come before you as little children, Your children, longing to be obedient to Your will and word. We thank You for the opportunity to walk in Your purpose. We come to you in humility but boldly before Your throne asking for grace and mercy in our time of need. We need You Father.. Your word predicted a time like this would come. But Your word also says if we confess and turn away from our sin You will hear our prayers and grant us the desires that we pray for. We have turned away and we are here standing in the gap and interceding on behalf of our leaders that have been and are being led astray. Father we pray that You will come to our rescue in this present time of attack. Each household is a target, each head is under pressure and in constant danger. The bodies are suffering as a result of the attack of the heads. Israel is in warfare Father and we need You to give us Your strength. Your word says You are our fortress our strong tower and that we can run to You for protection in the time of danger. Here we are Father we run to You . We ask that You give us the strength to stand in the face of our adversity. We ask that You plead our cause, Father, with them that strive with us, fight against the adversary that opposes us for Your sake. Take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for our help. Draw out also the spear, and stop the way against them that persecute us: for You are our salvation. Let them be confounded and put to shame that seek after our souls: let them be turned back and brought to confusion that devise our hurt. Let them be as chaff before the wind: and let the angel of the Lord chase them. Let their way be dark and slippery: and let the angel of the Most High persecute them. For because we are Yours they hide for us their net in a pit, for Your name sake they thirst to extinguish our souls. Let destruction come upon the enemy and let his net that he has hidden catch himself: into that very destruction let him fall. We stand with out fear for Your word says that we should have no fear because You are with us. That we should not be dismayed because You are our Power. You Father have promised to strengthen us and help us and even to uphold us with the right hand of Your righteousness. Your word says that every force that comes against us will be ashamed and confounded: they will perish. You have promised the men of Israel that You will help them. So we come to You expecting You to keep Your promise. That You will exact Your wrath on our enemy and uphold Your children. Your word says that our enemies are Your enemies. And because Your word also says that You have chosen us. We did not choose you. And that You have ordained us picked us specifically that we should produce Your fruit and that these fruits will remain. So as we go forth producing the fruit of love, joy, temperance, meekness, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, and faith we ask that you cover us with Your protection, we ask that You provide us with the strength we need to withstand every trial before us. We ask that the Holy spirit be loosed among us and that Your peace which passes all understanding comfort us and keep us from falling into the flesh. Help us to stay in the spirit and to stay in prayer. Close our fleshly eyes Father. Grant us discernment and the ability to see in the spirit at all times. Prevent us from being caught unaware. We confess that we see these men in the spirit. They are the mirror images of our Father with all of His righteous attributes. They love us as they were created to love us. They sacrifice for the body just as the Messiah sacrificed for his bride. We take up the armor You have provided us with for our defense. We cover their heads and ours with the helmet of salvation that the deceptions of the enemy not penetrate it and enter our minds. We rebuke every stronghold, every false perception. Blind our eyes and let us be led by the Holy spirit Father. Keep us hidden from the visual deception that is used against us. Cover our ears and their ears that we cannot hear the lies of the enemy. Let us hearken only to Your voice Father for we belong to You and the voice of a stranger we will not follow. We take up the breastplate of righteousness to cover their and our vital organs. Let it protect our hearts and keep them from hardening with the darts of deceit, pain, and anger from the adversary. Protect our lungs that are full of Your breath Your very essence Father and keep us from using that breath to confess the enemies lies. Keep us speaking those things which be not as though they were. For life and death are in our mouths. Let us keep Your praise and goodness in our mouths at all times. We take up and put on the girdle of truth for our heads and ourselves. Encompass us in truth, surround us in truth always Father. That whether we look to the right or the left we will see nothing else and we will know it in our spirits. Protect the Royal seed Father that it not be tainted by unrighteous unions. Break every unrighteous soul tie and kill every unrighteous leadership. We take up the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit to quench every fiery dart the wicked one would try to throw at us. We put of the sandals of peace in prayer that as long as we walk in Your ways there will peace in our spirits. We pray that they will only find peace and rest in You through obedience and submission to You. We know you are refining and purifying them as we speak. We claim their healing and their restoration to their rightful positions. We claim restoration of our nation, our our homes, of all of our hearts, minds, and spirits, and of our families and unions. We claim completion. We claim that we be able to move forward on Your path with out opposition. That every mountain be moved and every pitfall be filled. We claim our victory in You Father in Your power and Your might. Let the chains and walls come crumbling down. We know it is Your will and it is done. So be it.

Psalms 35

Isaiah 41

🌄 Evening Prayer:

💎 Heavenly Father we come to You with praise and worship in our mouths.  We honor you Father for You alone are worthy to be praised.  We ask for forgiveness for any and everything we have done to displease you knowingly or unknowingly.  Please have mercy on us Father.  Cover us with you grace and loving kindness.  We ask for forgiveness on behalf of our forefathers. We ask forgiveness on behalf of our fallen counterparts. We call the missing portions into submission of Your will.  We desire to obey You Father.  We long to walk in Your ways and to do Your will.  We ask that You order our steps.  Cover us in Your Holy spirit to lead, guide, and direct us.  Order our steps.  Let our thoughts be Your thoughts.  Let our ways be Your ways.  Let us be what and who you created us to be.  Father have Your way with us and in us.  Have Your way in our lives. We submit to You Father.  We submit our bodies to You as a living sacrifice.  We submit our lives to You. We submit our wills to Your will.  We acknowledge that without You we are nothing.  We acknowledge that without you nothing is possible.  We have no life outside of You Father. We submit to You through these storms. In the midst of the trials and tribulations Father we still honor You.  We still desire Your will to be done not our own.  We pray that Your kingdom come and Your will be done. Let us ken not to our own understanding.  Here we are Father seeking Your kingdom first,  seeking Your will.  We stand in faith that every need is meet and every desire granted.  That every piece and portion will be added unto us in Your perfect timing.  We thank You that in You we have life for there is no death.  Let light go before us and show us the way in everything we do.  We thank You for the way that You make our of no way.  We thank You that nothing is impossible to you and in our lives you make the impossible possible on our behalf.  Thank you Father that even when it seems like there is no way out You are the way out.  We thank you for this truth and calling us to walk in it.  We thank You for your chastisement and the trials which you give to produce patience in us so that we may be able to endure.  Thank You for growing our endurance Father for the time ahead. Thank You for loving us enough to prepare us.  Thank You for protecting us not only from this wicked world but ourselves.  Thank You for keeping us when we are ready to quit . For sending us reminders and righteous influences to send words of encouragement when our faith is failing.  Thank You for our sisters and brothers.  For the family to those with no family.  For the smiles and joy in the midst of the storm.  Thank You for the provision, protection, and Providence that You have prepared for us.  You are such an awesome Father and we love You.  Thank You for showing us true love.  We thank You and we can't thank You enough Father.  We ask these things in Your Holy name the Great I Am of Israel the ONLY good in all creation.  We all according to Your will and word.  Because these are Your promises and You hasten to perform them.  We wait on You in expectancy.  For it is written and already done in the spirit now manifesting in the flesh.  So be it.

Psalms 91

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