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30 DAYS OF PRAYER: Moving Mountains 🏔 (Morn/Evening prayers)

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

🌸Day 18 is here....are you listening to hear? The better question is.. do u even have an ear, as you stand here? Are you deaf to fear? Or has the loudness of fear deafened you? Maybe the quietness has silenced Your zeal...That’s a thought... right? Or could it be the zeal giver is giving your zeal a new purpose HE is... nothing is impo or too hard for our Power!! Thank you for the strength to stand when we feel like quitting. Thank you for the strength to endure when the fire seems to get too hot. We thank you that although we cannot see the work you are doing in them we know with all assurance that it is happening at this very moment...Ponder on those things while we kick off Day 18!🙌🏾👇🏾🌈💎

🌅 Morning Prayer:

⚔️ Father we come to You with praise and thanksgiving in our mouths. You alone are worthy to be praised. We thank you for all You have done for us. We thank You for giving us another day to get right in Your eyesight. We thank You for the Mountains of discord that You have removed from amongst us. We thank You for moving the mountains that were inside of us Father ; the mountains of pride and separation. We have been joined together in sisterhood and the Holy spirit flows freely among us in wisdom, knowledge, and truth. And we thank you deeply for the unity we feel, the sisterly bond and togetherness that has encompassed us. We thank You for taking the blinders off of our eyes and allowing us to see ourselves through Your eyes Father. Thank You for allowing us to see our flaws. Thank You for giving us Your divine direction that shows us the seeds of disobedience and deceptions that were present in us and purging us of them. Thank You for leading us in the pathway of obedience and righteousness. We thank You and praise You that You take Your time to direct us. For we know Your time is precious and Your timing is perfect. Thank you that You are taking the time to fortify us in your ways Father. We are humbled and so appreciative of Your attention to our needs, to the answering of our prayers. We know and stand in assurance that as You prepare us for the union of head to body You are also preparing our heads for their positions in Israel and these holy unions. We can only imagine the preparation it takes to turn those seen as undesirable and unsavable into mirror images of You, who will walk as the Messiah walked and are willing and able to love us as He loved the church, who are willing and able to lead and teach us in righteousness and be selfless and serve as You have called them to do. We thank you that through these trials, the patience and long-suffering we need to endure the wait for them in their time of chastisement and purging is being produced and procured in us. Thank you for the strength to stand when we feel like quitting. Thank you for the strength to endure when the fire seems to get too hot. We thank you that although we cannot see the work you are doing in them we know with all assurance that it is happening at this very moment. We call these things which seem to be not as though they already are. We confess completion of your work in the leaders and heads of Israel just as you are working to complete your perfect work in us. We confess perfection of the mirror images of You that You have created for You and through You to go forth and produce and perform as You will them to do. We confess strength where there seems to be weakness, honor and integrity where there seems to be deceptions and derision. We confess faithfulness and loyalty over them where there seems to be lasciviousness and faithlessness, humility where there seems to be pride and ego. We confess the spirit reigns where it seems that they worship the flesh. We confess order and peace over what seems to be confusion and chaos. We confess temperance where there seems to lust and no self control. We confess submission where there seems to be rebellion. We stand on the promise that we, not just the daughter but especially the sons have been created to produce the fruit of the spirit. So we confess these fruits have already taken root in the spirits of your sons Father as they have already taken root in us. We confess that every seed that would rise up against Your fruit has dried up at the root and has been removed. We thank you that this work has started in us. That although we are meant to follow right now we take the lead, with gladness and humility, as empty vessels hearts mind and soul longing to be filled and used by You. Let us be Your beacons of light . Let us be Your overflowing vessels of love that covers all, bears all, and is full of faith. Continue to show us our weaknesses and errs Father. Continue to purify us through your word and render us perfect in your sight. We thank You that You are not only preparing us but providing us with the tools to succeed. We are drawing us towards You more everyday and as we grow closer to You we grow closer to those who belong to You. We long to succeed and fulfill your will Father. And we can see it coming to pass as we know we will also see it come to pass in them, the head, the leaders, the priests, the set apart saviors of the nations. We thank You for every husband and head of Israel that currently stands in his appointed position. We ask that you fortify them with your might and strength that they be unmovable. That nothing will tear them from their position as part of this Royal priesthood. Let them love their wives as they love themselves. Let them love as our Messiah loves Israel as You love Israel with a selfless love. Let them be covered in the armor You have provided for us. Let their be a hedge of protection surrounding them all. That NO unrighteous relationship can be formed and every one that was forged has already been shattered. That every enemy that has risen or rises against them has already been defeated. Let the warring angels fight on their behalf as you strengthen them where they were purposefully kept weak. Strengthen their hearts and heal the wounds that hamper their ability to love freely. Erase the strongholds that keep them in bondage and fear of giving into the love You have created for them. Bless them with assuredness of their positions and the love that belongs to them. Bless them with the revelations that they have never known love like the love You provide and let them be open and eager to receive it. Release them from the shackles of fear and anger Father. From lust and self righteousness. Remove every automatic and subconscious barrier they have erected seemingly for their protection from being hurt. These barriers prevent them from accessing love Father and we know they are deceptions of the enemy. Tear down the walls Father. Allow them to feel again. Express to them the difference from the pain of disobedience and the pain of growth. Express to them the difference between the pain of hate and death and the pain of You loving them back to life. Bring them home Father . Let them find peace, safety, rest, reassurance, and most of all love in Your arms Father. They need you and we need you to do this for them, for the future of Israel and the generations to come. Let it begin in us, Your chosen, Your children, the Apple of your eye. We are ready to be healed. We open our hands to receive all you have to give us and we open them to let go of all that must be removed. We claim completion. We claim your goodness. We claim your over flow and abundance. We claim Your kingdom and Your will. We give You all the glory and all the praise. If we had a million mouths we couldn't thank You enough. But we thank You. It is done in Your Power and Your might . So be it.🙌🏾

🌄 Evening Prayer:

⚒ Heavenly Father we come to you in our weakness.  We come with thankfulness that we have the ability to come before You.  You are our shelter,  and our fortress.  In You do we trust.  Please forgive us for anything  we have done that was displeasing in Your sight.  Forgive us for any words spoken,  any thoughts, or actions that may have unknowingly separated us from pleasing You.  Purge us Father and cleanse us.  Make us pleasing in Your sight. Have mercy on us Father.  Cover us in Your grace please.  We have such a strong need for you daily.  There is no way we can make it through these days living in this wicked world without You Father. But we desire to please you.  We desire to accomplish the tasks set before us and meet Your expectations. Yet we are weary.  We feel the weight of the wickedness surrounding us daily.  Your word says You will sustain us,  that if we cry out You will hear us and rescue us. So please hear our cries Father. Your word says that when we are weak You will make us strong.  So we fall before you,  pleading for mercy and strength to endure through these hard times.  Please give us the strength to stand when our families,  friends,  and people we love turn their backs on us. Make us stronger when the longings of our flesh desire to be filled. Hold us up when our flesh rises up against us and we begin to miss the illusions of love we once had,  the illusions of happiness, and the lusts of the flesh. Give us the strength to continue to believe,  and have faith  when all we see is what looks like our failure, when it seems like everything is turning against us and nothing is in our favor.  For Your word says that with You for us who could be against us Father. Your word says that victory is in You and that Your children will be the head and not the tail,  above and not beneath, the blessings of Abraham are promised to us. Keep this on our minds in spite of what our fleshly eyes see. Help us to have blind faith.  Please do not allow this evil world and the unrighteousness we have to endure cause us to harden our hearts.  Hold us in your unchanging hand Father and let nothing pluck us from it.  We plead for you to rescue us.  Show Yourself mighty in the face of our adversity Father.  We need You.  Many days the attacks seem to be too much and the weight too heavy to bear.  But Your word says if we seek You first and your kingdom every thing will be added unto us.  That if we trust in You You will provide,  protect,  and defend us.  Avenge us Father from those who prey on us because we seek to please You and do Your will.  To the world we are the weak.  Rise us up Father in Your power and show them that righteousness isn't weakness but strength.  They have no idea how hard this walk is.  Lighten our loads Father.  Take our burdens and give us peace that passes all understanding that will continue to keep our hearts and minds stayed on obeying you.  Don't let us get distracted by pain and sorrow Father.  Don't let thoughts of depression and solitude take us down into the pits that the enemy has dug for our downfall. Your word says that you will provide us a way our of every temptation.  Many days we are tempted to quit Father.  Many days we are tempted to give in to the fleshly responses that constantly rise up when confronted with other's fleshly behaviors.  We are often tempted Father. Temptation is tiring. Provide us with a way out of the stress and strain Father.  As we continue to endure renew our strength.  Rise us up above the fleshly distractions sent against us everyday.  Let us mount up on Your wings like the eagles.  Help us to succeed so You will get all of the glory.  Don't let us fall Father.  We ask all these things in Your might and power.  We ask because these things will allow us to accomplish the goals You have set before us.  We ask because these things will bring You glory before the nations Father.  We ask according to Your will.  Let it be done in the flesh as it is already in the spirit. It is written and it is done. So be it. 

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It is done 🙌🏾



AND IT IS WRITTEN SO LET IT BE DONE!!! SO BE IT!!!!🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿❤️❤️❤️❤️

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