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30 Days of Prayer: Moving Mountains 🏔 (Morn/Evening Prayer)

#Day25! 👋🏾 More days until we reach our Mark!! Slow and at a steady pace sets us up to win the race.. Those who endure until the end👉🏾 Will be saved. As we pace towards the finish line let us remember that we are running this race for a nation! Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon THE MOST HIGH shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.. #KeepGoing👇🏾

🌅Morning Prayer:

🙌🏾 Father we come before You with praise and thanksgiving in our hearts and on our lips. We thank You for who You are. We thank You that You are sovereign and that You are our beginning and our end. Alpha and omega. Creator of all and ruler of all. We thank You for Your magnificence and Your honor. We give You all the glory. Father we are in awe of what You are doing in our lives. We are in awe of the growth that You are provoking in us. We can't thank You enough for the trying and proving process. For the lessons You are teaching us and the fruit we are producing as a result. We thank You that You make it possible for us to shine with Your brilliant light. We are Your vessels Father. Cleanse us inside and out and fill us with Your spirit and Your presence. Let Your praises be continually in our mouths. Let Your will be continually in our hands and our lips, in our minds and our ears, in our feet and our breath. Let Your ways be our ways and Your thoughts be our actions. Let us hasten to perform Your work just as You hasten to perform Your promises to us. Let us be mindful and abounding in love always. Let us be gracious and merciful always. Let us be loyal and faithful always. Let us be obedient and submissive always. Let us be Faith Full and Assured always. Let us be righteous and humble always. Let us be meek and long suffering always. Let us be joyful and grateful always. Let us be lead by Your spirit always. Let us be used by You always. Let us be Your children after our Father's heart always. Let us be pleasing in Your sight Father. Protect us, direct us, and correct us until we become what You created us to be. Help us to stand until we can rest. Help us to press towards the mark even when we are wounded, knowing that You are our help and healer. Try us in the fire Father that we be made purified as gold before You, as precious jewels before You, as a sweet smelling savor and a living sacrifice before You. We submit our wills to You. We submit our lives to You. We submit our husbands to You. We submit our children to You. We submit our time to You. We submit our desires to You. We want what You want and we long to please You. Take all that we have and remake it, restore us, and rebuild it all. Tear down what the world has made and give us a new reality. Give us perfection, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We thank you that as You perform this work in us You are performing this same work in all of Your children. That Your work will be manifested at the appointed time, in Your perfect timing. Help us to trust Your timing Father. Help us to mind only what is assigned to us. Help us to keep our hands open to give freely so that we may also receive freely. Help us to be a walking testimony to Your unfailing love at all times. We thank you for the anointing that destroys the yoke of bondage in every one of your sons. We thank you the their spirits be quickened and convicted by the Holy spirit. We pray that Your purifying fire fall down on them like hailstone Father. That Your chastisement breaks through the stone hearts and the stubborn wills that have been forged in them by excessive exposure to the lusts of the flesh and the deceptions of the enemy. Create in them a clean heart, a heart of flesh that longs to be filled with Your love. Create in them a clean mind which thinks only thoughts that are pure and perfect, that only longs to do Your will. Create in them a thirst and hunger that can only be satisfied by You and Your word. Create in them a passion to use their talents to serve Your kingdom . Create in them the desire to lead in righteousness, to be more like You daily. We rebuke the enemy and every shackle he has forged over Your sons. We rebuke and bind every demon that has been assigned to their torment and every unrighteous relationship that has been give as replacement to those which You have ordained. We loose the power of the Holy spirit to fall on their eyes and give them spiritual sight so they may see the truth and the lies, that they may see You before them all day. Whether they look to the left or the right they will not escape from seeing the destiny and calling You have set before them. Fall on their ears so that they may hear the voice of their Father calling them home and drown out the call of temptation that lures them into a false sense of security in their unrighteousness. Fall on their hands that only what they do in Your name will succeed and that they will not be able to set their hands to any work of unrighteousness. Fall upon their feet that they will only walk towards You , that every time they attempt to turn away and run from their calling they will fall. Let them be confronted Father. Let them be convicted Father. Then let them be loved, and nursed back to life Father. Heal their brokenness and build up Your sons Father. Rise up Your royal priesthood, Your chosen warriors. Rise up the heads of this nation, the heads of Your daughters, the men You have called to do Your will here on earth. Where they are weak fortify them. Where they are crooked straighten them. Where they are rebellious, correct them. Where they are prideful, humble them. Where they are filthy, purify them. Make them shine. Let them stand holy and clean in Your sight and before all the nations as a testament to Your glory. Let us finally be completed and on one accord praising You with one voice worshiping You with one heart and mind. Doing Your will as one body. This is Your desire Father. Your desire is ours as well. We not only desire it, we need it, we long for it. We stand in agreement asking for it because Your word says that anything we ask for You will give it to us. So we thank You that this is ours as it is Yours. That it is manifesting in the flesh as it is already done in the spirit. We wait on it to be delivered. We claim it, for ourselves, for our nation, for You. It is written and it is done. So be it.

🌄 Evening Prayer:

👐🏾 Father we come before you in humility and thanks giving . Giving You all honor and praise for You alone are worthy.  We praise Your holy name for we know that You are the one true Power the Most High God above all,  in all, and through all on this earth. We glorify Your holy name Father You are the Great I AM God of Israel.  We thank you for choosing us,  for keeping us,  for never forsaking us Father.  We thank you for providing for us,  for proving us,  and protecting us.  We come before you asking first for forgiveness for any unrighteousness we have committed in Your eyesight.  Please forgive us.  Have mercy and grace upon us Father.  We ask forgiveness on behalf of Israel and our ancestors as well Father. This is our confession hear our pleas and grant us absolution. Heal our nation Father.  We come to You because You are our source.  You are our Father.  And Your word says that the wicked give to their children how much more would You give to us that we ask for.  So we come as Your children. Humbly , in meekness, and temperance.  Not asking for earthly riches but riches of spirit.  We ask that you will restore our nation Father.  We ask that you bring back the order which You originally intended. Your word says that in You all of our needs are met. We need You Father. Your word says that we should not worry about our provision because You provide for us.  It also says that You will make a way of escape out of temptation for us. We ask that you forge in us a spirit of obedience even unto death.  That we be willing to sacrifice ourselves for Your will Father. We come to You asking for healing Father.  For in your word it says that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and that by his stripes we are healed. Your word says that sin is death and You are life. We call for life to the places where the enemy has planted death Father. We take up the armor You have provided for us as a portion of Your protection for us from the adversary.  We put on  the breastplate of righteousness and command that every demonic influence that attempts to persuade and influence us to walk in unrighteousness be cast back to the pit of hell.  Let there be a continuous thirst for righteousness in us.  Let us always thirst to serve You and please you as a deer thirsts for water.  Let that thirst be quenched no where else but in You Father. We put on the helmet of salvation. We command that every generational curse,  every plot of witchcraft,  every addiction,  every enemy of salvation be cast down at this very moment.  And we take up the shield of faith and we use it to quench every fiery dart the enemy may attempt to throw and use against us. Lastly we take up the sword of the spirit.  We speak Your word Father for your word is life and Your word does not fail.We call those things which be not as though they were.  We stand here in faith claiming the substance of things hoped for and those things that have not yet manifested in the flesh but are already alive in the spirit,  proclaiming the victory in this battle against the children  of the Most High. We believe with all assurance and expectancy that our prayers are being answered at this very moment.  We rebuke the attacks if the enemy and stand in agreement against the powers of darkness. in You there is no lack Father.  We call an end to the season of lack Father.  We call this the season of completion , the season of healing,  the season of newness,  the season of truth.  That all these things will abide. That light will prevail, that darkness will cower before your power Father. We call the things which be not as though they were because we walk by faith and not by sight.  We confess that we are more than conquerors.  That no weapon formed against us has prospered.  That healing and restoration is ours.Remove the mountain adversity.  Rebuke the enemy that seeks to rise against Your children and make a mockery of Your name in the earth.  These are Your desires for us Your children. We long to live Your desires Father.  We long to be the righteousness You see,  and the mirror image for the world to behold.  We cannot do this without You. Without You we are empty vessels.  Fill us with the love that conquers all.  Your word says love covers a multitude of sins.  And we stand here asking for You to cover us all with Your love.  For without You we are not able to stand.  Without You we cannot succeed.  We know we are weak but in You we are strong.  We plead You stretch forth Your mighty hand. Father we plead for You to fix what is broken,  to right what is wrong , to restore what has been stolen. Rise up Your holy nation Father.  Set us in line and on one accord again.  Bring home the family members that are still sleeping or have awakened and wandered off the path.  Chastens us and prove us and refine us with fire Father.  Justify us that in the end we may be magnified and You will be glorified. We thank You that in serving all of our needs are met.  We thank You that in giving we receive.  We thank You that in obeying we are blessed beyond measure.  We love You Father and we ask not that we receive riches or recognition but that we can complete Your work.  We ask that Your perfect will be done in us.  We know that we ask according to Your will and it is already so.  We stand in assurance of the completion of all we have asked and more.  We thank You and praise You for You are wonderful and awesome and we in no way could ever deserve all You have done and are doing in us and through us.  With a million tongues we could not thank You enough. Have Your way Father.  So be it.

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FATHER I can not thank you enough🙌🏾🙌🏾


01 oct. 2020

SO BE IT 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿


It is done 🙌🏾

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