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30 DAYS OF PRAYER: Moving Mountains (Morn/evening prayer)

🕯On Day 17 of prayer... let your light shine sisters.. in this time.. you never know who you are leading the way out of darkness for.. I see it so often!! Sometimes YOU are the only they see.. which in turns guides them directly to: The Most High 🙌🏾🥰 So make sure your light stays on...💕 Let us get to it for the nation and then for ourselves.. because you can’t pour from an empty cup!! Be filled with HIS L💡GHT ( Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven)

Prayer Time!!👇🏾👇🏾

🌅 Morning Prayer:

Father we come before You united in love, Your beacons of light. We come before You with thanksgiving in our hearts, worship and praise in our mouths. We give You the glory for sustaining us through another day, through another battle. We thank You for letting us bask in Your marvelous presence Father, for blessing us with the presence of the Holy spirit that leads and guides us. We ask you for grace and mercy Father, on our own behalf, and on behalf of our nation. We ask for the strength to travail and prevail in the face of the adversary. Father Your word says that you have chosen us for this work and that we should go forth and produce fruit. We know that fruit cannot be grown in the soil that the world produces. We understand that you mist uproot the hard dirt that hides the bitter and evil seeds in your gardens Father. We are being tried, prepared, made ready to produce. We know that the trying of our faith produces patience. So we stand firm and rooted in this knowledge. Because this is a very trying time Father. Our hearts fail us sometimes. The pain is deep and strong in many households. There are many tears Father. But we know You collect our tears in a bottle Father. That each tear is a prayer unspoken, each groan of the Holy spirit also a prayer on our behalf. We are suffering lack in the present time Father. Homes have been broken, families torn apart, loved ones gone astray.. And we know that this is the enemy trying us, and that it is not Your desire for us to lack anything for Your are our provider. We know that You hold us all in Your hands and you would suffer your children to fail, nor to fall. That You have given your angels charge over us, that we not even dash our foot against a stone. Your word says that no evil plague will come near our homes. So we know this is just a test. This is not permanent for Your word says that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. So although these weapons have attacked us they will not succeed. We stand in assurance of Your promises. We hold tight to Your word and Your covering Father. Protect us from this storm. Shield us from the darts and arrows the enemy throws at us that are meant to shake our faith in You. We ask the power of the Holy spirit be loosened among us that we may have all of the knowledge and wisdom needed to guide us righteously. We ask that all understanding of our calling, and these tribulations be made known to us. We ask that our path be cleared of all detours and pitfalls. That every obstacle and every mountain be moved from our way as we walk in Your will. As we move towards being perfected in You. As we work towards producing good fruit. Father we pray security and completion over our nation, every home, and every body. We know that in order to have these things the faulty foundation must be uprooted and broken apart so a solid foundation can be laid. We know that a house cannot be rebuilt on a shaky foundation and expect to stand against anything. So we trust in You while You uproot our shaky foundations and rebuild our families, and our nation on the solid rock which is You Father. We thank you that every work we as a nation are called to do is being perfected in us at this very moment. That we have been foreknown, predestined for it, and now are being justified. We thank you that you fortify us Father. Which means You strengthen us with defensive works so as to protect us against attack. That You are building us up stronger and stronger in You so that we never again will be shaken. So that we never again will be broken, so that we will never again be incomplete or in lack of anything that is required of us by You. Our heads are required of us by You Father. They are an intricate part of Your order, and You do not operate in confusion or without order. They are the most important piece of this plan Father and without them we cannot do the ultimate work required of us by You. We know that their trying and chastening is a toughening by You Father. We know You have a plan and what the enemy meant for his gain will be for Your glory. We know You can change pitfalls into pedestals, sinners into sanctified, the fallen into the faithful. We have seen You do it. You have shown Your might throughout the ages and we know our turn quickly approaches. This is Your opportunity to show the world who we serve. And we wait on You to do Your will before the naysayers Fathers. We know You will prove them wrong. You will prove their expectations of our failure null and void. You have promised us the victory in You and we know that we know that in You we cannot fail. We gird up our fallen warriors in the full armor you have provided for us. Let their heads be covered in obedience which leads to salvation, let their hearts be covers with righteousness that is the product of love, let their feet be directed by Your will which give them peace which passes all understanding. Let their loins be covered in truth that they protect the Holy seed of the royal blood line and plant it in ground that will only produce fruit after Your own kind Father. Let them turn not to the left or the right. Keep their eyes and ears stayed in You. Let Your voice be loud and they be unable to ignore it. Let their calling pulse through heir veins and be stringer than any temptations the enemy presents to sway them. Let every unrighteous connection fall away along with the chains that have kept them bound to wickedness. Pour Your spirit into them Father that they be renewed. Let Your fire consume them and purify them, and let them be presented pure before You and ready for battle. Let them not sleep nor slumber until Your work in them is accomplished. Let peace and rest elude them until they fully submit to Your will. Total submission is Your will Father and we submit as we ask for all of these things to be done for Your glory. We know our prayers have been heard and answered in the affirmative because your sons have been created to do Your will, so we ask that they be given the fortitude to do it. We ask for ourselves to be filled with strength and endurance to continue to be long-suffering and stand in the gap for them. To continue to let love abound and cover all things, believe all things, and hope for all things. To be their help-meets even in their absence and abandonment. Help us to be faithful to our word and our covenant with You. We honor it and we honor You and pray that through our obedience Your will be done in us and in them. Fortify us with Your light Father. Let us be the beacons that help the blind to see and the lost to find their way home. We ask all of this in Your power and Your might. We know that it is done. We thank You for it. So be it.

🌄 Evening Prayer:

🙌🏾 Oh heavenly Father Holy is your name.  Your kingdom come Your will be done in our lives as it is in Heaven.  We thank you for blessing is this and every day with provisions of every type.  You bless us not only with physical food but also with living water.  You feed our spirits Father.  Forgive us of our sins and every unrighteous act we have committed that has displeased you Father.  Have grace and mercy on us an allow us to have that same grace and mercy for those who sin against us.  Lead us and guide us Father.  We pray that you keep us from all evil and wickedness.  Provide us a way out of every temptation. Lord, may nothing separate us from You today. Teach us how to submit to Your way today. Order our steps so that each step will lead us closer to Your will. Help us to resist walking in our emotions but to walk by the truth which is Your Word.  Keep our hearts pure and undivided. Protect us from any careless , vain, or prideful thoughts, words, and actions.  Prevent us from being distracted by flesh.  Help us to distinguish between our wants, desires, and thoughts on how our lives should be and Yours. Help us to embrace each obstacle that comes our way as an opportunity for growth... Instead of a personal inconvenience. You already know the ways we will fall short and mess up. But we recognize Your love for us is not based on our performance. You love us flaws and all and have since before we were born.  You have claimed us for your own and continuously mold us into who you have created us to be. And in our day of trouble we will call on You knowing that You will answer us and You will save us.  For you are our protection, our fortress, and only in You will we trust. Among the gods there is none like You, Father; neither are there any works like Your work. You are great, and do wondrous things: You are  the Most High alone. Teach us Your ways and we will walk in Your truth: teach our hearts to fear Your name. We will praise You Father, with all of our hearts: and we will glorify Your name forever. Give us strength in our weakness. Give us faith in place of our fear. Give us power in place of our powerlessness. For great is Your mercy toward us: and only You can deliver our souls from the lowest hell. When we are tempted to give up, give us the motivation to keep going. Grant us a cheerful spirit when adversity comes our way. And give us courage to accomplish whatever task you set before us. Let us not back down because of doubt or fear. Because You have not given us a spirit of fear but of love,  joy,  power,  and a sound mind.  Often our hearts are heavy. We are surrounded by loneliness and despair and it seems like we have to carry the burden alone. Words like overwhelmed, distraught, exhausted seem to describe our thoughts many times. And sometimes Father we are not exactly sure of how to let you carry the heavy load.  Please show us how to release the burdens that do not belong to us. Show us how to be obedient and allow you to have full and complete control. Take these burdens from us. Let us find complete rest and be refreshed so that our heart won't be heavy. We know that these,  our prayers are Your desires.  That we desire what will give You the glory.  We ask for these things in assurance and expectancy.  We thank You in advance that You are granting each request and that through them and much more You will be glorified. We claim these things in Your power and might for they have been written and are already done in the spirit soon to be manifested in the flesh. So be it. 

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It is done 🙌🏾


Sep 23, 2020

AND IT IS SO!!!🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

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