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🥰Started at day 1... with just a hope that something will shake!! All it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed!! All of the testimonies are amazing! I appreciate each one..keep praying remember who is lurking already kicking Up dust to form a mountain...Stay ready so u don’t have to get ready, now you know how to defeat the enemy! BUT THE GLORY AND ESTEEM BELONGS TO OUR FATHER!! Who loves us so, HE sent HIS only begotten son down to show us this walk of righteousness is possible..He also told us about faith and how all we gotta do is say to a mountain...MOVE.. and it will move! But ya got have faith!! For those who didn’t see movement of their situations I ask that you sit down and self examine.. sometimes YOU are the mountain that needs to be moved.. I ask that The Most High gives you the strength to decrease..So HE can increase and see what happens next! Ok sisters let’s close this 30 day out🙌🏾👏🏾

🌅Morning Prayer:

Heavenly Father, our Power. Alpha and Omega. Beginning and End. Hear Oh Israel Our Power the Most High He is our One True Power. He is above all, in all, and through all. Without You there is nothing. We know this. And here on our last day of this journey of group prayer and agreement for the heads of Israel we come to You in full assurance of our positions as Your children. We stand in complete obedience and submission to Your will and word. We come as vessels longing to be used for your work. We come not asking anything. For as Your children we know that what we have asked for has already been granted according to the promises You have made and keep towards us Father. Your word says that whatsoever we ask for believe that we receive it and we shall have it. You also said that You will give us the desires of our hearts. And that as long as we don't pray amiss our prayers will be granted. We have come before You presenting our desires which are also Your desires. We come to you in assurance of Your power and acknowledge that through obedience to You we are given power to move mountains, to cast out demons, to heal the sick. We take full authority over this current situation before us. Father with You for us who could be against us. No power can rise against You and no power can rise against us as we stand protected under Your wings. We stand against the powers of darkness right now. The enemy was attacking our brothers, our husbands, our leaders is Bound. We take full authority over the principalities, powers and rulers of darkness. We take up the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit to counter every attack waged against our fallen soldiers and our weakened warriors. Your word says that the Shepard will not leave one of his flock behind. So we claim that every lost and led astray have been and are being collected and brought back to the fold. We claim their restoration to the bodies they have been severed from. We claim they are rising and taking their rightful positions in Your image Father. We take up for them the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, and the girdle of truth, in assurance that they only find comfort in the truth, they only have ease of spirit in righteousness, and that their minds are only girded in obedience that brings them to salvation. We cover their feet in the sandals of peace, claiming that they only obtain peace in Your will and walking in Your path. We stand in the assurance that they are covered and are filled with an overflow of the Holy spirit Father . We claim that Your spirit is falling on them like a heavy rain. They find no covering against it. We claim Your spirit is penetrating their flesh and reach the innermost hidden places at this very moment. That it is purging them of every hidden seed of darkness that was planted to exalt itself against You, their Father and Your will. We claim the taste, sound, smell, thought of sin is now a terrible grief to their spirit. It is a sour taste in their mouth, a tainted sound to their ear, a putrid smell. The very touch of sin and darkness is repulsive to them. We claim their way out of the pit they have fallen into, and escape for every temptation presented from this moment. We command the angels to take charge over them. They are protected, the warring angels fight on their behalf, and the guardians are interceding and ministering to them as we speak these words. We claim righteous connections are being sent to fill every void left by the unrighteous relationships that have been rebuked and removed. We claim every void of darkness is filled at this moment with Your immeasurable light. We also take full authority over any backlash on the sisters that stand and agree before you in these prayers Father. We claim full protection around ourselves and our families. We claim that we are surrounded by Your healing and guidance Father. That we are kept in the spirit and no longer drawn into the flesh where we are weak. We claim the stability of our minds , that you keep our minds in Your perception closing our physical eyes to the world and allowing us to see the manifestations of the spirit. We claim that the Holy spirit lead, guide, and direct us into all truth, wisdom, and knowledge. That we understand what we are meant to and we trust You when we don't. We expect,like You our Father, expect that the end of this is ordained and that all things are meant for the good of us, Your children whom You love and who love You. We adore You Father. We lift up every sister in need right now, which I'm sure is all of us in one way or another, and assuredly too many to name. But You know every name and You know our needs Father and we claim that they are met according to Your riches and glory. We claim death to the season of lack in each of our lives for You are not a POWER of lack but the Father and giver of abundance. We rebuke brokenness because You are the Father of completion and healing and life. We claim these things that are made available to us through our heritage in You. For You are a wonderful Father and will withhold no good thing from us. Every need is met and every desire has already been fulfilled because our desires are your desires Father . We claim the restoration of marriages Father because we know You hate divorce and that brokenness is not in Your plan. We claim the healing of every broken body, every broken union, every broken family, most of all the brokenness of Israel. We claim the healing of this body , Your church. The wife of the Messiah. Let her be cleansed and made new in You. Cleanse us of all unrighteousness and make us whole again and pleasing in Your sight for Your glory. Set us upon the rock so that we may proclaim Your praises before all the nations and all the earth. We forever worship You and give You praise. We thank You in advance for the needs You are meeting. We thank You for the desires You are granting. We thank You for the completion you are bringing to pass. We thank You for every chain and shackle You have broken. We thank you for setting the captives free. We thank You for the weapons and pits that will not prevail. We thank You for Your protection . We thank You for Your provision. We thank You for Your armor. We thank You for Your spirit. We thank You for Your truth. We thank You for Your strength. We thank You for restoration. We thank You for all of that we have asked and more and for the Mountains you have given us the authority to tear down in Your power and might that nothing stands in our way. Thank You Abba. It is done. We claim it. So be it.

🌄 Evening Prayer:

Father as we embark on this the last day of our collective prayer we come before You with thanks and praise on our lips . Father we thank You for all that you have given us and plead Your grace and mercy on us for any transgressions we have waged against You.  Forgive us for our thoughts, words, and actions that defied Your will.  Fortify us with the ability to submit to You completely Father.  We ask for forgiveness on behalf of our heads Father. We also ask for forgiveness on behalf of our ancestors who betrayed their covenant with You.  We thank you for all You have done for us.  We thank You for giving us another day to get right in Your eyesight. We thank You for the Mountains of discord that You have removed from amongst us. We thank You for moving the mountains that were inside of us Father ; the mountains of pride and separation.  We have been joined together in sisterhood and the Holy spirit flows freely among us in wisdom,  knowledge, and truth.  And we thank you deeply for the unity we feel,  the sisterly bond and togetherness that has encompassed us.  We thank You for taking the blinders off of our eyes and allowing us to see ourselves through Your eyes Father.  Thank You for allowing us to see our flaws.  Thank You for giving us Your divine direction that shows us the seeds of disobedience and deceptions that were present in us and purging us of them.  Thank You for leading us on the pathway of obedience and righteousness. We thank You and praise You that You take Your time to direct us. For we know Your time is precious and Your timing is perfect.  Thank you that You are taking the time to fortify us in your ways Father.  We are humbled and so appreciative of Your attention to our needs,  to the answering of our prayers.   Thank you for the strength to stand when we feel like quitting.  Thank you for the strength to endure when the fire seems to get too hot.  Conquer every seed of fear that would rise up in us against Your authority. Father we thank You and praise You for using us to bring You joy. In the midst of all the plagues, pressures, and problems we face while in our fleshly bodies, please continue growing us and grooming us into pleasing servants who are always walking in faith of You and obedience to You. Let the Holy Spirit lead us to rest in Your wondrous promises revealed to us through Your Word. Remind us to stand on Your promises for in them lies our provision,  protection,  providence,  and ultimately our victory. We need You Father.  We admit that we are weak.  Without the strength that You promise us in our weakness we cannot continue,  we cannot endure.  We do not deserve your grace Father for we have always been a disobedient and stiffnecked nation.  We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for the patience,  grace,  and mercy You have provided us undeservingly again and again. Father we now willingly submit to You and long for the day when we hear you say “Well done good and faithful servant, enter into the kingdom of Your Father.” Help us as we continue to grow our faith towards the day that it exceeds much more than a mustard seed but is the very sight we see all things by. We praise you Father for your infinite wisdom. We know nothing, we are nothing in comparison to You, and we are so grateful to be chosen,  be used,  to serve the Most High God of Israel the one and only Power who knows all things,  and has created all things.  There is nothing about us that we can hide.  There is nothing about us that you didn't know before You chose us.  And we stand before You bare.  Withholding nothing Father.  Empty us of all unrighteousness, every unclean thought, every deceitful way, every unrighteous chain.  We confess that our hearts have been broken then hardened by our sinful desires, and many times we have tried to hide our uncleanness from you. Our hearts are broken and we cannot save ourselves. Please forgive us for the way our brokenness has caused us to treat others, to treat our own brothers and sisters, our heads and our elders. Thank You for Your correction Father.  Fill us with all that You are Father.  We thank you for knowing us before our beginnings and our own hearts better than we do. We thank you for choosing us and justifying us for salvation and righteousness in You. We thank you for replacing our hardened and shattered hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit. Please guard our hearts from further damage, and help us to not be discouraged when we feel the emotions and hear the lies of the enemy formed specifically to lead us into doubt. Renew our minds daily  and give us assurance through Your promises,  Your love, and Your Holy spirit which You sent to us as a Comforter. Father, we confess that we are finished dying for ourselves because outside of You we are not living. We thank you for the opportunity You have provided us through our submission to You that gives us escape from the misery of a self-centered death camouflaged as life in this world. No matter what we now face we know You are with us. Constantly guard our hearts and minds from ever doubting Your unshakable love for us. Help us to always think on the fact that You have made us for Yourself and that we are the apple of Your eye. Lead us to live our lives for You displaying Your will and righteousness wherever we go,  and never be ashamed for You are the only thing worth dying for,  worth being persecuted for,  worth being crucified for.  Because You are life and life more abundantly is found only in You. Father we praise you for making us new creatures, that the old man has died and through You every thing in us has become new! We are thankful that You know and judge us rightly by our hearts and our inner most thoughts.  Keep us from allowing our past shallow, and worldly judgments of others become barriers in our execution of Your work. Please help us to see others through Your eyes, and in the spirit so we can express the same mercy and grace You have given us. We pray that we continue to grow in our boldness to always be planting seed and be about our Fathers business. Father we thank You for not forgetting our covenant and for reconciling us back to You as You promised. We thank you that although we cannot see the work you are doing we know with all assurance that it is happening at this very moment.  We thank you that this work has started in us.We know and stand in assurance that as You prepare us for the union of head to body You are also preparing our heads for their positions in Israel and these holy unions. That although we are meant to follow right now we take the lead, with gladness and humility, as empty vessels hearts mind and soul longing to be filled and used by You. Let us be Your beacons of light . Let us be You overflowing vessels of love that covers all, bears all,  and is full of faith. Continue to show us our weaknesses and errs Father.  Continue to purify us through your word and render us perfect in your sight.  We thank You that You are not only preparing us but providing us with the tools to succeed. You are drawing us towards You more everyday and as we grow closer to You we grow closer to those who belong to You.  We long to succeed and fulfill your will Father.Remake us all in the proper image Father.  Tear down the images given to us by the world and replace them with righteousness.  Tear down the improper thought patterns and strongholds of the mind and replace them with good,  pure,  and perfect thoughts . Keep us in line with the Holy spirit.  Heal us in our inner most broken places Father that there not be a chink anywhere in our armor for the enemy to infiltrate us again.  We pray for Your healing power,  Your restoration.  You know our needs,  You know our desires Father.  They are Yours and we ask in assurance that all of our needs and desires are being granted.  We thank You that we want not because it is done.  We claim this era of completion.  So be it.  

❤️Thank you all for taking this journey of Moving Mountains!! ... do not stop y’all... head on to day forever and 1!!🥰

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